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2015 New Faces of Civil Engineering

ASCE’s New Faces of Civil Engineering highlights the next generation of civil engineers in both collegiate and professional categories.

College Edition

These student civil engineers are achieving their dreams through their volunteer projects, creativity, and ASCE Student Chapters. Get to know the 2015 honorees.

Each of the nominees also get the opportunity to be recognized by DiscoverE as the national "New Face of Civil Engineering – College Division" and receive a $500 scholarship.

DiscoverE's 2015 winner:

DiscoverE's 2015 nominees:


Get to know some of these young civil engineers and discover the wonderful contributions they have made for humanity.

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ASCE's Historic Landmarks

Check out some of ASCE’s Historical Civil Engineering Landmarks. These engineering feats illustrate the creativity and innovative spirit of civil engineers and represent the achievement of what was considered an impossible dream.

Hoover Dam The Hoover Damn, a 726-foot high-arch gravity structure, was the greatest constructed project at that time and remains one of the highest concrete dams in the Western Hemisphere.
Acquedotto Traiano-Paolo  The Acquedotto Traiano-Paolo was built around 110 AD and continues to provide water for the fountains of Rome.
Blimp Hangars The blimp hangars in California remain the largest clear span wooden structures in the world.
The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge was the longest single span (4,200 feet) in the world at the time of construction.
Eiffel Tower When completed, the Eiffel Tower was the highest structure in the world and became renowned as a symbol of Paris.

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ASCE's Historic Civil Engineers

These civil engineers have left a legacy of accomplishments that serve as an inspiration for today's practitioners.

Stephen D. Bechtel Sr. When he was only 33 years old, Bechtel was put in charge of the construction of the Hoover Dam.
Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards Richards was the first women to graduate from MIT.
Thomas Telford Telford is credited with building over 1,000 miles of roadway, 1,000 bridges, 40 harbors and piers, and numerous canals.
Emily Warren Roebling This multi-faceted Victorian woman was instrumental in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. 
David Barnard Steinman Steinman and his associates were responsible for the design and construction of over 400 bridges, including the Henry Hudson Bridge, the Mackinac Bridge, the Deer Isle Bridge, and the St. Johns Bridge.

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